Our capabilities

Turning coffee into more then code.

Inbound Strategy

Every project needs a plan. Having one for creating and maintaining all your content ensures your site always stays manageable and up to date, and a clear scope defines the core functionality.

Our best practice recommendations will highlight existing usability issues. User-centred design combined with data and analytics help us know who your users are, where they’re coming from and what they are trying to accomplish.


  • Goal setting (signups, shares, likes, sales etc.).
  • Strategy formulation
  • Customer research
  • Analytics and Assessment

Web Development

We go to great lengths to make sure your interface is not just beautiful, it’s usable too. We look at every pixel to make sure your product stands out, users can get to the information they want quickly and the overall experience is engaging and delightful. Our developers eat code for breakfast. They make sure everything we build is fast, secure and works wonderfully.

Our core business is contests and promotions. We understand how to make Contests work for Brands and we also understand what works with users.


  • Web sites
  • Content micro sites
  • Contest sites
  • Email campaigns
  • Rules development, winner administration and fulfillment

App Development

Consumers are connected to their smartphones more than ever, and reaching them while they embark on their pathway to purchase creates a valuable new opportunity for brand engagement. Whether it’s a responsive web site, offering an incentive or contest, providing a recipe or helping a shopper make a purchase decision in a specific area of the store, mobile is now an integral part of the shopping experience.

Social media connects consumers’ passion points with brands. Using great campaign ideas and state-of-the-art social technology we’ll devise a program to connect the two together.


  • Responsive web sites
  • Targeted mobile applications
  • SMS
  • Facebook applications
  • Social platform maintenance

Data and Analytics

Remove the guesswork from important business decisions with user research and data analysis. By combining site traffic with user insight we’ll help you identify where and how tasks are performed and more importantly the ‘why’ that is only achievable through engaging users.

By using surveys that are short and focus on key issues we can gather user responses wherever they are.


  • Google Analytics
  • Web site feedback
  • Custom contest entry form
  • Perception based, promoter score, competitive perception surveys
  • In-store shopper feedback mobile surveys